1057 $
5'6 1057 $

Magonda V2 "Magic wave”
Bringing home a result in a contest is the idea behind this board. The work has to be done, and the board has to make you forget what you have under you feet. It becomes an extension of your legs and everything boils down to looking for the best tracks on the wave. You read the wave and the board will get there. Instant reactions. Plenty of acceleration and grip. The board Abel Lago is riding and has developed to use in the PKRA wave tour.

Pro / Strapless

Concave hull with slight tail kick on a fast rocker line. A wide squash compact winger tail at the end of continuous outline curve. Wider nose to be able to ride a board a couple of inches shorter without loosing all the comfort and forgiveness of a longer board. Now you ride a really short board, and you can even ride it strapless on those perfect days, where you really want to surf and forget you have a kite in your hands. Today the board is equipped with a full deck pad for grip and comfort when riding strapless.

EXCLUSIVE custom made PU/Bamboo/Carbon/polyester resin. A single stringer PU blank is CNC shaped with accuracy and precision. Then a sandwich bamboo layer is vacuum laminated on stepping area with wood fibers going crossways to the stringer length in order to keep maximum flex on the backfoot and creting a solid heel resistant structure. Bottom and deck rear rails carbon stringers to prevent breakage on aerial manouvers, full E-Glass top and bottom PRO SURF lamination with top Polyester resins available. The best technology for kite surfboards to date, combining flex, shape accuracy to the millimiter, PRO SURF feeling on the water and easy to repair structure. Does not absorb any water!

Size: 5’6”x 18 x 2 1/4”