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21 years of continuous work on surfskates - Carver's experience speaks for itself. In honor of the significant date, the brand released the Super Surfer longboard, the name of which goes back to the days when it all began. Long enough to handle slides quickly and wide enough to pump. These proportions have always worked well, and Super Surfer tried to make the same. Carver created the most efficient form of the surfskate of its time by literally connecting the nose of a surfboard to the tail of a skateboard, both metaphorically and functionally. Now they are introducing a new shape - Hyperspoon, which features a deeper nose and a more progressive skate tail. Join the history of Carver, cutting through the asphalt waves with the Super Surfer.


  • Dimensions: 9.875'' x 32'' (25 cm x 80 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 17'' (43cm)
  • Carver C7 Suspension - The patented second axle not only reduces the turning radius, but also creates traction that propels you and increases your speed.
  • Wheels Roundhouse 75 mm ECO MAG Aqua 81A

BOARD CLUB is the official representative of Carver in Ukraine.

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