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Livewire - board for aggressive fiststyle and park riding. Sharing the same shape as the Livewire Team, Livewire has a slider and kicker cover. Double rocker, deep channels and stiffer tips make this board perfect for unhooked freestyle. The board has more pronounced rocker and more rigidity than freeride models, which will make your landings much softer and more controlled. 3D channels on the tails will not allow the board to fall off in the middle of the takeoff, even when riding without fins, which is important in the park.

No more torn embeds and broken tails from hard falls in boots. The quality of workmanship and durability will surprise even the most fierce shredders, and Carbon Torsion Control will not allow the board to play and bend to twisting. Livewire made with technology

MULTIZONE BIOTECH COREpaulownia wood sandwichwith different types of laminates and wear-resistant sliding surface, pressed at high temperatures, makes the board very durable and durable, even when used aggressively in competition conditions, where you often have to go ashore. With all this, the board goes well into the wind due to the pronounced concave with standard 2.5 cm fins.

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CCreating the board's core using Airush's unique Multizone Biotech technology, Airush uses a stack of vertically split poplar, which gives an ideal, even density of the natural material throughout the entire volume of the board. Airush boards are renowned for their control, durability and predictability, and the high-tech coating completes this charged board.


Airush Carbon Torsion control's unique technology has been specifically developed for freeride boards. Traditional freeride boards are highly flexible, which threatens to lose control at high speeds and hard landings. Airush boards feature special bilayer carbon inserts that increase torsional rigidity along the trailing edge of the board while tangibly improving control and handling.

FMS RATING - 6 out of 10

Six years ago, Airush first introduced the FMS RAITING Board Stiffness Rating System to accurately assess board stiffness, instead of the good old "feel" rating. The FMS rating represents how much a board flexes based on length and load. Lower values ??correspond to softer boards. Soft boards are more suitable for freeriding, while hard boards are more suitable for freestyle.


Forget about broken or torn out inserts from this year, they are reinforced with an ABS plastic tab and now you can catch mops without worrying about tearing out a piece of the board.

Board-Club is the official representative of AIRUSH in Ukraine.

To buy a kitesurfing board AIRUSH LIVEWIRE 2017 in the Board Club stores in Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa or order on our website means to become part of the surf culture, get the best price and manufacturer's warranty for all products presented in our stores!


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