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Children's kitesurf harness with non-child technology and materials.

3D Shaping System is a technology used in all models. Our anatomical 3D shape ensures the perfect fit for your kitesurf harness. For seated models, we applied a combination of horizontal and vertical shapes with our unique Dual-Axis Contour cut system. And waist models use two horizontal slits to perfectly fit the curve of your waist. Together with the Dual Foam System technology, this provides a tight fit of the harness to the rider's body and improves load distribution over the entire surface of the harness.
Dual Foam System. This technology was developed in combination with an anatomical 3D shape. The interior consists of two layers of foam of different density: the lower layer of medium-density foam follows the contours of your body, while the outer layer takes the main load. Thus, the double layer of foam helps distribute the pressure evenly over the entire surface of the trapezoid.

Neoprene Soft Edge. To prevent excessive stress on the edges of the trapezoid and discomfort during its use, we placed soft neoprene around the edges, perfectly following all the curves of your body and covering those places that usually rub.

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