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The El Von Videl Schnook park wakeboard is now available in two sizes. The board is designed with a Continuous Rocker that helps to develop high speed both in normal riding and when performing tricks, and also realizes a faster, easier and more controlled entry into the element. Non-kill Monocoque construction, durable paulownia wood core, and special integrated reinforcements in the sidewalls and channels for traction and release, which give stability on the water without unnecessary drag. Let your child's progress be quick and easy with the El Von Videl Schnook wakeboard.


  • Destination: Park
  • Level: Any
  • Flex All Over: The nose and tail are slightly more flexible than the center section; however, together they create balanced flexibility, allowing you to relax while riding in any style
  • Continuous Rocker: smooth continuous slight camber for more glide in the water; helps to develop high speed both during normal riding and when performing tricks, and also implements a faster, easier and more controlled approach to the element
  • Monocoque construction: The solid construction of the top of the board is achieved by a single sheet of fiberglass; this makes the board unkillable
  • Krypto Cable: special integrated reinforcements make the sidewalls not the weakest, but one of the toughest parts of the board
  • Strong and hardwearing vertically stacked paulownia wood core for excellent bounce and grip when pressed
  • Concave Bottom Shape: The concave shape at the nose and tail allows for effortless ollies, good downforce control, and a neutral stance
  • G&R technology: traction and release channels for stability on the water without too much drag
  • Grom Glass
  • Grind Base
  • Design: Team Stuckey
  • Free Agent Fins Keels (x4): 6’’, fiberglass

Weight indicator:

  • 126.2 - up to 103,6 lbs

Board-Club is the official representative of RONIX in Ukraine

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