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RONIX KINETIK PROJECT EXP BOOT are innovative wakeboard bindings from Dominik Hernler that will make your water adventures as comfortable as possible. Built on a new platform, these boots feature a durable mid-calf adaptive skeleton, a rigid base and a custom pod that absorbs vibrations and protects the board from scratches...together, it delivers unparalleled support, responsiveness and comfort. In addition, the boot has a special foam lining that will cushion your landings. The outer boot is made of high quality material; and the tongue is made of durable and wear-resistant material in order to protect against the impact of the laces.

These boots feature an innovative liner made from special materials that can be re-heat-treated for a personalized fit: You get perfect support, foot control and energy transfer, as well as health care for your feet by improving blood circulation during exercise. It is also important that the inner boot is equipped with a double insole, which will take care of the comfort and correct position of the feet. In addition, the inner boot is a separate part, and you can take it out to walk in it on dry land…

These bindings are just a godsend for those who appreciate innovations for real comfort and technical wakeboarding!


  • MainFrame Platform: A new durable platform that is compatible with both closed and open shoes - creates quick responsiveness and response, provides impeccable support and comfort
  1. Durable mid-height skeleton: adapts to the anatomical shape of the shin and foot, instantly transfers energy without any extra effort, centralizes the position of the foot at the base
  2. Rigid base for superior board grip and superb responsiveness
  3. Dedicated Shock Pad insert to absorb vibrations and protect the board from scratches
  • Asymmetric flex: 9/10
  • Superfabric tongue: durable and hardwearing material to resist lace impact
  • Super Straps System: Stretch strap with secure fitrubber fastening on buttons
  • Quick lacing system
  • AutoLock Technology: Strong, soft-grip lanyard locks that securely hold the fastener to the desired tension
  • Inner boot with reinforced lining and double sole:
  1. Intuition+ Liner: A thermoformed liner that delivers superior support, control and energy transfer - moldable for a custom fit
  2. Celliant Lining: clinically tested special materials that recycle generated body heat to improve circulation and reduce spasms
  3. EXP Walkable technology: the ability to remove the inner boot for walking on land
  • Double sockliner: hard on the outside for better positional support, soft on the inside for comfort and responsiveness, designed to create the correct foot position when riding
  • Totally Rad Foam Technology: A full-length foam midsole designed to cushion landings
  • Pro Model Dominik Hernler

Board-Club is the official representative of RONIX in Ukraine.

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